View the View

It’s getting really amazing outside. The view you can enjoy only from the inside and covered roof with a warm cup of coffee.

Yes not everyone would get the chance of viewing it that way.

I’m basically a person who hates rain when I’m outside. But like it when I’m inside and sipping my tea.

I wonder what can be more interesting the view from the outside or from the inside.

So basically when you are inside may be you can warm yourself up more than staying outside and getting drenched. So the warmth and lovely tea/coffee would work for anyone who is into just staying inside.

Also on the other hand if you are out you would get to enjoy a whole new watery experience. Either you get a splash from any of the random vehicle or you just get to do something really crazy to avoid getting wet. Especially when you are in those white and amazing looking tops/kurti.

I’m not being judgemental but life in India after a heavy rain becomes really hectic. You have all water filled roads and so much more that has been complained about every now and then.

But that’s another fun you get to see when you are out and having to face a heavy rain.

On any other heavy rainy day……

Shuting the mind down

This is one of the hardest thing to do in life especially for me who has so many things running in head. My mind can never ever be controlled and always stays awake.

Many of us have this problem and we also have found a way to shut it out or take a relief from it. Yet it keeps going on with no full stop to it, in any way.

I have never tried to shut it down I have always let it flow and go on and also have been making a best use if it.

I usually write when I think I’m over thinking I just get my book and start writing everything, and not let it out to any person because not everyone has the same energy as you and not everyone has a way of thinking like you most of the people just want to see a person the way they know them like from the outside and not from the inside so let’s just say that we need to keep the internal battle internally as if it ever gets out it can be a disaster.

So for all those crazy beings out there if you have a mind that never sleeps let it be the way it is and don’t really force it to shut or let out because it’s your battle to fight. Win or lose it’s not important but keeping it the way it is.. Itself is your biggest gain.

First thing that hit your mind each time you want to start

Well… Hello all beautiful people.

This is going to be my first post.

Now my title is totally something I had in my head before I could even start doing this. A lot of us have this starting trouble it’s like once we start what if.. what if… what if…. Yes we get to face so many what if’s even before we could start anything now that’s pretty common and it’s something that will remind you that you are actually a normal person and has got nothing to do with how good or bad you are at what ever you want to start.

The basic thing I would put through is having the ability to accept the worse or the best things that come along with the beginning. What can anyway go wrong you would end up being a failure….. Noooo not all the time, you might just end up being that one person you have always wanted to be. Like they say “stay strong as the beginning is always difficult”.

So this has always been my mantra in life if I feel like doing it I do it. Good, bad, worse what come may will be taken care of. Because you exactly know what you want more than anyone else.